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Our Mission

We support District School Board of Niagara students by engaging the community to provide needed funds and resources where government funding is not available. 

Our Vision

The Education Foundation of Niagara envisions a community where every student has access to all of the enriching opportunities school life offers.

Our Values

Caring – a passion for equal opportunity is at the heart of our work 
Purposefulness – we are committed to making a difference in our community 
Relationships – we act with honesty, respect and transparency 

Our Why

At The Education Foundation of Niagara, we envision a community where every student has access to all of the enriching opportunities school life offers. Driven by our values of caring, purposefulness, and nurturing relationships, we passionately strive to ensure equal opportunities for all students.

Our History

Since 2007, the Education Foundation of Niagara has been investing in students and programs at the District School Board of Niagara.

Led by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation exists through the generosity of individual donors and organizations. We share a common goal: to help build a healthy, vibrant, and educated Niagara community.

Today, the Education Foundation of Niagara is a key player in reducing barriers to student success. And just as important, our youth learn that people truly care.

The Foundation’s diverse programs support target areas where other funding is not available. We provide direct and timely responses to the immediate needs of students in emergency and poverty situations.

Our vision is a community where every student has access to all of the enriching opportunities that school life offers.

Annual Reports

Read our Annual Reports from our AGM here:

For the past 13 years, our longtime relationship with the Education Foundation of Niagara has been making a difference in the lives of your students, and we couldn't be prouder.

Yvonne Brady Senior Insurance Consultant, Johnson Insurance

Our Partners & Donors

The EFN thanks all of our partners and donors for everything they have provided to the community. Through our donors, we provide support to students in financial need for basic necessities and extra-curricular activities, annual student awards and bursaries, support progressive programs and services in our schools that enrich students’ educational experiences, innovative community initiatives such as Prom Project Niagara, and manage designated gifts in accordance with donor specifications. 


Meet the compassionate, dedicated people who help to make sure EFN is able to provide equal educational opportunities for every child in our community.

Wolfgang Guembel, M.Ed., OCT

Interim Executive Director


Aleix Kleiman


Mike Lavallee


Lisa Mooney


Terry Cockerline



Kylee Daley

Amanda Hicks

Cody Weber

Gail Ragetlie

Robyn Scheubel


Sue Barnett

DSBN Trustee

Lora Campbell

DSBN Trustee

Simon Hancox

DSBN Liaison

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Education Foundation of Niagara
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