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Student Financial Need

Student Financial Need Form

Addressing the critical aspect of student financial need, our program ensures that no student in our community is held back from their educational journey due to financial constraints. By providing essential financial support, we empower students to focus on their studies, fostering a stronger and more resilient community.

THANK YOU to all our DSBN staff who have opted in for payroll deduction in support of the EFN!

The EFN is currently redesigning the program to best meet the needs of DSBN students.  There are ongoing and reinvigorated efforts to raise funds for this very important and impactful program.

If you are a DSBN employee PLEASE consider opting in for just $2 of payroll deduction.  This easily done in your Staff Portal.  Just $2 from each payroll will make a meaningful impact for kids!
In the Portal go: DEPARTMENTS – PAYROLL SERVICES – EDUCATION FOUNDATION OF NIAGARA (bottom left on menu) – SELECT THE BLUE BUTTON TO SET UP PAYROLL DEDUCTION (NOTE: one must renew their subscription to payroll deduction every January if you are a recurring donor – the system will take automatic payments until the end of the calendar year)

Between September and December of 2022 the EFN disbursed over $60,000 in Student Financial Need requests.  This is in addition to hundreds of toques, jackets, and winter wear distributed on an as-needed basis.

If you have further questions or know a business or person able to make a donation please connect directly with the Interim Executive Director, Wolfgang Guembel.