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Ed Mirynech Fund for Connaught School

Connaught School has a special place in Anne Mirynech’s heart.

It was the school her late husband, Ed, attended from 1936 to 1945.

The school that celebrated its 100th Anniversary in April of 2015 was more than an elementary school to her husband—it paved the way for his future success as an academic, professor, and community leader.

After earning his doctorate in geology in 1961, Ed Mirynech helped found the departments of geography, geology, and physical education at Brock University. Throughout his career and family life, he maintained a fierce loyalty to his local community, being active in numerous athletic and charitable causes, from rowing to the Canadian Red Cross.

When Ed died in 2004, Anne and her family knew the impact education had on her husband’s life and wanted to honour his roots in a special way. “Ed’s family was hardworking and struggled to make ends meet, so it feels good to support others like him who are less advantaged.”

fund for students brock graduate
Anne Mirynech and Connaught Public School Principal Kelly Diiorio

Through a Planned Gift made by the family in Ed’s name, an endowment—an investment fund that earns interest while the principal remains intact—was given to the Education Foundation of Niagara.

Since 2007, the Edward Mirynech Fund for Connaught School has helped thousands of youth. The annual $3000 gift to the school is divided into two portions: $2000 offsets the costs of programs such as field trips or programming for less advantaged youth in the Connaught community, and a $1000 bursary is awarded to one student graduate of Connaught who demonstrates financial need when pursuing a college or university education in Canada.

Sarah Greves was a thankful recipient of the Edward Mirynech bursary. She’s thrilled that the money helps finance her education at Brock University, where she studies Psychology. “I couldn’t believe I was chosen, it helped pay for my first year and made a difference,” said Sarah.

Thanks to Planned Gifts like the Edward Mirynech Fund for Connaught School, future generations of less advantaged students will be empowered and supported in their education “It feels great to support local youth and the community in this way. I know Ed would be proud,” says Anne. 

For more information on how you can invest in a school or program of your choice through the Foundation, please contact Cindy Paskey at 905 641-2929 x37711.